Panini Machine: How To Choose The Best Models In 2022

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The panini machine, there’s nothing like it to delight all aficionados who can’t do without a good Italian sandwich (but not only!). The Panini is a great classic of fast food. It is very popular in France and can be found in snacks, food-trucks or even bakeries. Made using a Panini machine, or Grill-Panini, its characteristic golden and striated bread will make the mouths of young and old alike.

On the internet there are a large number of models offering such and such features, to cook something other than paninis, at different prices: you can quickly get lost. Optare has therefore selected the best devices for you in order to offer you the machine best suited to your needs.

How To Choose A Panini Machine?

The type of Panini machine

For panini machines, we will distinguish 3 main types of device:

Machines for family or domestic use, they are only reserved for this use. Generally these are the least expensive models, the price being within a range of 15 to 50 euros. They will be suitable for small budgets but the first price models are often of poor quality and therefore to be avoided.

Machines for semi-professional use: these devices, more resistant in the long term, can be used more frequently than machines for domestic use. In terms of price, for a machine of this type we will count between 50 euros for the “entry level” and up to more than 100 euros for the most expensive.

Machines for professional use: as its name suggests, this last type of model is more oriented towards intensive and daily use. However, they may also be suitable for home use. They are designed with the best possible materials guaranteeing a certain quality of resistance and features suitable for all types of use. The results are incomparable, which is justified by a much higher price. For the cheapest models you have to spend at least 150 euros and up to 300 euros for the most expensive.

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The power of the panini machine

One of the most important criteria that can guide your choice is the power of the machine. Expressed in Watts (W), the power can vary from 700 W up to 2000 W for the most powerful models.

The power of the appliance will influence the cooking time and its homogeneity. For regular and intensive use we advise you not to opt for a model below 1800 W for any other use, a model of minimum 800 to 1500W will be more than enough.

Panini machine equipment

Depending on the range of products, there are equipment to help you find the perfect cooking time. Most models have lights to indicate when the unit is hot and when the panini is cooked.

Some higher-end models offer an adjustable thermostat to precisely adjust the cooking. There are also plates slightly inclined or in various non-stick materials for easy maintenance. Of course, the more equipment there is on the device, the more expensive it will be, it’s up to you to see which one will best meet your expectations and your budget.

The cooking surface of the Grill-Panini

Here we are going to talk about the size of the cooking surface. The bigger it is, the more food it will cook at the same time, but it will also be more cumbersome and more energy-consuming and therefore more expensive.

Depending on the quality of the plate and the power of the resistors associated with it, the price will vary greatly. Depending on the size and power, there are models that can cook from 1 to 4 paninis at once, it remains to be seen how often and how much panini you would like to cook simultaneously.

The versatility of the models

Some models allow you to cook things other than paninis, thus making the purchase of your appliance even more profitable. Depending on the references, you can make waffles, croque-monsieur, grilled meat (meat and fish), sandwiches, toast, bagels, etc.

Maintaining your panini machine Maintaining

a panini machine is relatively simple, but certain elements have been added to some models to really make it a simple task: there are inclined plates allowing the fat to drain, non-stick or even removable plates, some of which can even go into the dishwasher. For the rest, a damp cloth or sponge and soapy water will do.

The brand and the price

Depending on the brands we will find all types of prices but some firms are more or less specialized in such or such ranges. Italian machines such as De Longhi are quite famous for their reliability, which justifies a price that is sometimes quite high, but a guarantee of quality and with good guarantees.

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Other brands such as Tristar, for example, are aimed at small budgets but will be able to offer devices with good quality/price ratios for those who do not particularly want to make intensive use of them and are largely suitable for one person.

Why Buy a Panini Maker?

The first reason to buy a panini machine is in its multifunctionality, it is rare that it is only used to make paninis and certain models can replace toasters, grills, planchas etc… Being relatively portable this device allows you to avoid the constraints linked to barbecues, which are prohibited when camping, very difficult to do in winter and dangerous outdoors. The panini machines will perfectly satisfy you because it can be used everywhere and in all seasons. They are also much easier to store, clean and maintain.

How To Use A Panini Machine?

In order to make the best use of your panini machine, you must keep certain steps in mind:

First of all, the machine must be installed flat, be heated (blank) several times in the event of first use. The heating times indicated by the manufacturer or the thermostats and/or indicator lights must be respected. The panini must be placed flat and in the center of the plates. The device, to be used safely, must be opened or closed by holding the handles. You must also remember to ensure that the machine does not collect dust (which weakens them quite quickly) when it is stored.

Why Choose A Reputable Panini Machine Brand?

There are many brands of panini machines, and some models are private labels like Aldi. There are therefore many “cheap” models but the quality is often not there. For a profitable investment, the best thing is to bet on reputable brands that provide completely satisfactory guarantees

. How to Clean a Panini Grill?

Cleaning a grill can be more or less tedious depending on the model, but in general, you just have to wait a bit for the appliance to cool down and clean it with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Some models offer special equipment to facilitate cleaning, but we will come back to this in detail later.

Why Buy a Panini Maker?

The Panini is a fairly simple dish to prepare and therefore quite inexpensive to produce. But you can find up to 7 euros each in bakeries. Therefore, if you love to eat paninis on any occasion and want to make them yourself so that you no longer pay an exorbitant price for them, then you need a Panini machine, which is a purchase that quickly pays for itself. !

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