Popcorn Machine: How To Choose The Best Models In 2022

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For a long time, the popcorn machine was exclusively reserved for merchants, popcorn establishing itself as a staple of cinema. Nothing like watching a good movie with friends. Few people buy popcorn at the cinema to watch a movie at home, but who hasn’t wanted to do the same at home?

Thanks to popcorn machines, this is now possible! However, there are many references of all kinds, meeting different criteria. We have reviewed many articles to better guide you in your purchase. Optare will therefore help you with this guide to make the best possible choice according to your needs.

How To Choose A Popcorn Machine?

machine a pop corn comparatif

The power of the popcorn machine

One of the most important criteria that can guide your choice is the power of the machine. Expressed in Watts (W), the power can vary from 70W (for the cheapest models) up to around 1400 W for the high-end models. The power will determine the cooking time of the corn kernels. The more powerful the machine, the faster the beans will be cooked. For a correct cooking time (between 2 and 10 minutes), we will choose a machine between 800W and 1200W.

The capacity of your machine

The capacity of the machine will be expressed in “portions” which will themselves be defined in grams. It takes between 50 and 55 grams of corn kernels for a serving.

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The machines will have a different capacity depending on the model: most popcorn machines will have a capacity between 1 to 4 servings, and 1 serving will be suitable for 1 to 4 people.

You have to be very careful to respect these portions at the risk that some of your corn kernels will not cook. Of course, the more a popcorn machine has a large capacity, the larger its format will be, it remains to be seen how much space you are going to dedicate to it.

The two main types of popcorn machine

There are 2 types of machines which differ in their cooking method:

The so-called classic machine which will cook the popcorn with an addition of fat and the hot air blower which cooks without fat. Conventional machines will make it possible, thanks to the addition of fat, to enhance the taste of popcorn and to be able to add additional ingredients or seasonings directly during preparation (sugar, salt, etc.). However, they require a warm-up time before use and are more difficult to maintain. They are also less energy-consuming (300 Watt on average)

souffleuse à air chaud

The hot air blower allows for faster and more “light” cooking since no fat is added during cooking, the result being also more homogeneous. Unlike its classic counterpart, the snowblower requires little maintenance. On the other hand, you cannot add the ingredients directly during cooking, which can be a negative point for the taste. They are also more energy-intensive than conventional machines (between 1000 and 1200 W on average)

Maintaining the popcorn

machine Maintaining a popcorn machine is relatively simple, but there are still some differences depending on the models. As mentioned above, air blowers that run without grease are actually easier to clean. The main thing is to choose equipment that will facilitate its maintenance such as non-stick glass, removable compartments, the material making up the container (plastic, stainless steel, etc.).

The format and the design

There are popcorn machines of all sizes, the smallest will fit discreetly with your other household appliances on a worktop. The most imposing ranging up to large carts imitating the old models. Your choice will therefore depend on the place you want to give to your device. In terms of design, there is really something for everyone, ranging from modern models to more vintage styles, and this, available in many colors. There are even machines designated according to a brand (Coca-Cola for example) or films (like Star-Wars). All you have to do is decide which one you find the most beautiful!

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The price of a popcorn machine

Depending on the ranges, their quality and the equipment, the prices of a machine can vary very quickly, ranging from 20 to $models entry-level 660 $. for the most expensive modelsWe therefore have a fairly wide range of prices allowing everyone to find what they are looking for. Models 60 $150 $offer the best value for money. Beyond this range, popcorn machines have features that will appeal more to professionals.

Models below this price range will be relatively unsustainable in the long term (some parts of the machine can be damaged more or less quickly depending on their quality and their resistance to heat). It’s up to you to define according to your expectations and your budget, the price you want to put in your popcorn machine.

Why Buy A Popcorn Machine?

A popcorn machine is a must-have for movie night lovers, without having to move from home! The popcorn machine allows you to combine the comfort of the cinema with the tranquility of your home. These machines are also very easy to use.

How To Maintain A Popcorn Machine?

Everything will depend on its design, but we can distinguish between the easy maintenance (with a simple moistened cloth) offered by blowers, and that of so-called “classic” and therefore grease-based machines requiring the use of more specific maintenance products. The details concerning use and maintenance are generally specified by the manufacturers in the instructions for use or directly on their website.

How To Make Popcorn By Machine?

Everything will also depend on the type of machine, for blowers you just have to put the corn kernels in the device, wait a few minutes and you’re done! The operation is quite similar for fat machines, you just add the seasoning directly to the corn in the machine, then wait the appropriate time indicated.

Where to buy a popcorn machine?

You will find all the ranges of popcorn machines at e-tailers like Amazon or CDiscount. Professional models can also be purchased on these same marketplaces.

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