Vegetable Mill: How To Choose The Best Models of 2022

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Over the past few years, many household appliances that serve as cooking aids have emerged. As advantages, they facilitate the preparation of our recipes and save us time. The vegetable mill is one of them. If you are a lover of homemade purees, compote or soup, then you necessarily cherish it. These devices are sold on Amazon, at different prices depending on the brand.

But you can come across a poor quality product that rusts quickly and leaves unwanted marks on your food. To save you that, we have put together this comparative guide for you. You will find all the information you may need to find the best vegetable grinder that will be able to assist you in your kitchen.

What is a Vegetable Mill?

A vegetable grinder is a kitchen utensil used to grind or chop already cooked fruits and vegetables. The goal is to obtain a texture that is suitable for making mash, compote or soup.

It is a device that is particularly useful, because it allows you to mix a variety of ingredients in order to concoct different recipes. You can take it anywhere because it rarely requires electricity to operate.

What Are The Types Of Vegetable Mills?

The vegetable mills exist in two versions:

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The manual vegetable mill

It is handled by hand and comprises a conical container at the bottom of which there is a grid with holes. To turn it on, turn the crank in the direction indicated on the device. Manual vegetable mills usually come with one or more grids, displaying different perforations.

The electric vegetable mill

It is the ideal model for people who do not have enough time and professionals. With this variant, you don’t have to exert any effort when turning the crank. Here, it is replaced by an electric motor that must be operated using an on-off button.

Combining speed and efficiency, the electric vegetable grinder is the most suitable model for grinding a large amount of food in a short time. Note that its operation involves an electrical outlet.

How To Choose Your Vegetable Mill?

Critères de choix pour un moulin à légumes

What should you take a closer look at? What be considered before investing in such a product? It is answered in this paragraph.


Many home vegetable grinders hold between 2 and 3 quarts. Others have a capacity of 3 to 4 quarts. These are the devices that prevent crushed food from accumulating near the blades. Let’s clarify that the pint is the unit of measurement that indicates the volume of liquid in a container.

As for the diameter, for a kitchen utensil like the vegetable mill, it is between 10 and 16 inches. If you select a larger or smaller model, you can crush a large amount of food in one go. But if it is small in size, you will be required to grind your ingredients in multiple batches.

The accessories

The accessories optimize the comfort of use of your vegetable mill. They make the machine easier to use. Among the essential accessories, we find the semicircular or circular blade. It must have a slight slope to be able to cut and grind the food without any flaws. If this slope is too steep, your products will be pushed behind the blade without being crushed. There must also be a space between the blade and the bottom of the utensil.

Second accessory to take a closer look at: the handles. They help you hold your vegetable grinder properly while in use, so of course they are long and sturdy enough. So check this detail before your purchase.

Also pay attention to the feet of the device. Normally, the vegetable mill has at least three feet or two supports positioned horizontally to prevent it from slipping or wobbling when it is turned on. They are installed on the lower part of the machine.

As for the crank, it is the lever part of the vegetable mill. It provides essential rotational force to grind food. Its end can be rounded, in the form of a button for a good grip. It is essential that the crank is neither too tight nor too rough, otherwise you will have to provide more effort to operate it.

The price

The price is a criterion that varies according to the brands, but also from one model to another, taking into account the features it offers. Basic vegetable mills are sold at around fifteen euros. They are manual devices, equipped with a single blade and designed from simple plastic.

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As for electric models, their price can reach hundreds of euros. They are more robust, faster, efficient and designed to last over time.


Vegetable mills are generally equipped with two, three or sometimes only one grid. They are in fact perforated discs placed under the scraper. They are among the most important elements of the device, because the texture of the mash or soup depends on them. These discs have holes of different sizes (1 to 8 mm), perfectly sharpened to grind the food well.

Holes from 1 to 1.5 mm : these are the most suitable for coulis and veloutés. Those of 2 and 3 mm are suitable for compotes and purées. And the larger holes, 5 mm or more, are made for spätzles. To get the texture you want, just choose the one whose holes match your needs.

The material

When it comes to materials, always prefer food mills made of stainless steel or propylene. Durability is more assured. Keep in mind that the grid and the scraper system should be stainless steel for easier cleaning and good strength. In addition, this material guarantees good food hygiene.

Why Buy A Vegetable Mill For Your Kitchen?

Believe it, if you decide to buy this kitchen utensil, you probably won’t regret it. Because it can be essential in many ways.

It is used to prepare baby food

For people who have to prepare food for their infants and do not want to choose a food processor, the food processor is the perfect alternative. It has the ability to prepare a fruit or vegetable puree, a fruit compote or a soup in record time.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables are allowed. Use it to concoct daily dishes that will accompany the weaning of your little one. This is also one of the reasons it was designed!

It helps you make canned foods

Some people know this, some may not. The vegetable grinder will be of great help to you if you need to prepare canned foods and fruits yourself. With this machine, it is easy to make soups, purees and store them for you, for your family or for sale.

It allows you to concoct your recipes in a healthy way

We all know that applesauce, mashed potatoes and similar products sold in the supermarket are not entirely reliable from the point of view of their composition. Indeed, they may contain chemicals and preservatives. Which is not good for health.

No risk of being confronted with this type of problem if you invest in a vegetable mill. It offers you the possibility to select yourself the ingredients that will be used for the preparation of your recipes. You just have to steam them slightly before putting them in the vegetable mill to grind them. They won’t lose any of their nutritional values ​​and you can stock up on vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc.

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How To Use A Vegetable Mill?

  1. Install it on a container (a salad bowl, a bowl or a saucepan). Place the previously cooked vegetables or fruit inside the mill. Do not hesitate to cut them into pieces to facilitate the work. Choose the grid capable of giving you the texture you want.
  2. Then operate the crank circular movement more or less regularThe crushed vegetables will end up in the container placed under the appliance, as they are pressed against the grid of the mill. Once the task is complete, all you have to do is collect the mixture.
  3. For the next step, disassemble the grid and other components of the vegetable mill and proceed to their maintenance. If this is the first time you have used this utensil, be aware that an explanatory note is supplied with the product to show you how to assemble or disassemble it without difficulty.

What Can You Replace A Vegetable Mill With?

There are other household appliances that can provide a similar result to the vegetable grinder. We are talking here about the potato grater or the food processor equipped with a sieve. Some require extra effort like peeling.

You can also use a fork to mash your cooked vegetables and fruits.

Food Processor And Vegetable Mill, Do They Do The Same Thing?

We would say no, because mash made with a food mill is denser, thicker, and heavier than mash made with a food processor. The vegetable mill separates the flesh from the skin, fibers and pips, unlike a blender. It does not allow air to enter the compositions and this is what makes the food quite thick.

What Is The Best Vegetable Grinder?

Since this is a kitchen appliance, go for an accessory that can really meet your needs. Go for a model that saves you time and money, is durable, and easy to clean. All the models in this comparison have these qualities.

How to Clean Your Vegetable Mill?

It is a fairly simple procedure. You disassemble the device and you clean each element with a sponge and a little soapy water. No need to use an abrasive product to remove traces of mash. You can also choose to wash it in the dishwasher.

Where To Buy A Vegetable Mill?

You can buy a vegetable grinder at your local drugstore. You will also find many models at distributors like Casa. However, we have seen the greatest variety of products and the most attractive prices on internet marketplaces such as Amazon or CDiscount.

As a final word, the vegetable mill is a practical device that has its advantages. You will be delighted to have it in your kitchen if you like fruit compotes, vegetable or fruit purees and coulis. We hope that this comparative guide will eventually convince you to start buying it. The vegetable mill and the other essential mill to have in your kitchen after the pepper mill. Once equipped with these two products, you will be ready to prepare good meals for the whole family.

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