Women’s Manual Razor: How To Choose The Best Models of 2022

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Are you looking for a shave, cut-free with as little irritation as possible? The women’s manual razor will simplify your shaves. Discover our selection of women’s manual razors to enhance your skin.

Why Choose A Women’s Manual Razor?

Its price 

A manual razor is inexpensive. There are lots of disposable manual razors for low prices.

Otherwise, there are reusable ones. No need to buy one every month like disposable razors. One will last you a few years. Just change the blade, which is usually inexpensive, when it looks worn.

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A manual lady’s razor cuts the hair as close as possible to your skin, leaving no millimeter of hair.

How To Choose A Manual Women’s Razor?

Among all the models present on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. You have to buy your manual razor according to your skin type, hair type and use. Here are a few tips.

The number of blades

There are two types of manual razors, the safety and the multi-blade razor.

The safety razor has delicate that are exchangeable when worn out. This is a plus for ecology, because its materials are biodegradable. There are several models and settings that adapt to all types of skin and hair.

Multi-blade razors are either disposable or have interchangeable blades. Thanks to these razors, the risk of cuts decreases, but there may be some irritation.

Skin type

Some skin types are more fragile than others and using a razor can be irritating. If you have fragile skin, very sharp blades so that you only have to go over each area once. Also take razors with lubricating strips that will prevent cuts and irritations. In addition, the passage of the blades will be more pleasant.


During your shaves, it is more preferable that each part of the body is shaved. Choose women’s manual razors that have good precision and go everywhere. Pivoting heads to reach dished corners easier.

The grip

The handle of the women’s manual razor is as important as its blades. Take a razor that fits comfortably in your hand. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. You must have a good flu to be able to go anywhere. If you shave in the shower, choose the right models that won’t slip out of your hands.

The Disadvantages Of The Manual Razor For Women

Although the manual razor is effective, it is no less dangerous if used incorrectly. There is a risk of cuts if the skin is not prepared and if the use is too abrupt. If you’re in a rush, shaving quickly in the shower is likely to lead to bloody legs.

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Indeed, shaving with a women’s manual razor requires a helping hand. You have to prepare your skin, be careful when using it, put on some foam, moisturize your skin after shaving… This routine can take time. Even more if the blades are worn. If you’re used to shaving at the last minute, then perhaps a safety razor isn’t for you.

The razor is not the best solution if you want long-lasting hair removal. If that’s what you want, opt for waxing.

How To Use A Manual Women’s Razor?

For best results and smooth, shiny skin, there are a few steps to follow when shaving. 

  • Prepare your skin for the razor. The women’s manual razor is an aggression for your skin. It must therefore be prepared to minimize irritation.regularly Exfoliate and hydrateyour skin: it will be better able to accept the blades. Just before shaving, take a hot shower to soften the hair.
  • Shave against the direction of hair growth. This sense will allow you a more precisealthough more irritating. For the legs, it will be from bottom to top. The armpits are a little more complicated, because there is no one way to grow, apply yourself well to not miss any place.
  • After shaving, remember to moisturize your skin. There are several ways to take care of your skin. There are aftershave oils or lotions or otherwise apply your usual cream.

How To Change The Blades Of A Razor?

When changing the blades of a women’s manual razor, position the razor down with the head on a flat surface. Some razors are simpler than others, but just unscrew the handle and remove the upper part of the head. You can then remove the blade and put in another before closing the handle.

When To Change Your Razor Blade?

A razor blade is usually changed every 5 to 10 passes. Shaving with a worn blade can lead to irritation and less precise cutting of the hair

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